Paving Guide: Benefits Of Paving Your Driveway

Paving is a great way to create elegance and beauty in your house and in the process, increasing the safety value of the driveways. Many options including asphalt, concrete, cobble stone, brick are available for the paving designing. The different colors such as red, grey, black, and white are widely used for this purpose. The most commonly paved areas in a house are driveways, patios, swimming pools, sidewalks and courtyards.


Paving can help in increasing the sale value as well as enhance the total appeal of place, thus attracting the new buyers. Paving provides a polished and well maintained look to the buyers making your home become a source of admiration for all the guests that visit your place. Paving is like an investment which lasts for many years to come. Following are some of the advantages of hiring  a paving company in NJ:


Beautiful Aesthetics

Paving creates a well maintained look of the driveway and presents a stunning outlook of your driveway and house. Beautiful outside is just as important as well maintained interiors, so the curb appeal helps in making your house stand apart.


Property Value

Well maintained property with a finished look surely adds to the value of property. Addition of paved driveway adds a special touch to the place and the buyers wouldn’t mind paying extra bucks for a property with good visual appeal.



Having a good parking space with a driveway acts as a convenient source for keeping your vehicle safe and sound. Slip and slide happening during adverse weather conditions such as hailstorm, rain, snow can be prevented if you have a well maintained driveway.
Neglecting the outer premises of your home can lead to even more bigger expenditures and decrease the appeal of your property. Well designed paving with durable materials would not only leave positive impressions on everyone but also protect your driveway for years to come.


Why You Should Choose Driveway Paving Contractors

Do you have some paving work that requires completion? Are you thinking to hire the expert paving contractors? If your answer is yes, then finding the best driveway paving contractors in New Jersey is the best option. These experienced professionals offer  excellent services to their customers. Some of the services out of many are mentioned in the following points:

  1. Highly advanced equipment for commercial and residential jobs
  2. The two-year warranty on the work
  3. Commercial snow removal
  4. Superior quality workmanship
  5. Concrete and exposed aggregate steps
  6. Walkways and driveways
  7. Asphalt projects
  8. Stand behind all whole work

Along with these incredible services, you may also utilize the immense benefits from paving contractors, for example- they are highly proficient individuals with years of experience in the trade who are answerable for wide range of projects such pavement installation, asphalt based road, driveways, patios and walk path construction.

They put forward business ideas for the structures and current accurate price quotes. When they are approved, paving contractors bring in the right manpower along with the required equipment in order to execute the things properly and successfully complete the project.

Paving a major process during the construction work. Therefore, paving contractors can offer you accurate estimates on how much you have to spend in order to complete a particular task which also includes patios, driveways, walkways and parking lots.

There are various troubles that can emerge during paving jobs, but the professional paving contractors are always aware of them all. They have the training and ability to manage and control any discrepancies and process with the project diligently till it is completed.

Another great advantage to hiring a paving contractor is that it helps you to save a lot of time and money.  As the paving contractor will add everything in one fee and this normally includes labour, equipment, materials and any additional from problems that may pop up. The contractors will be capable of doing everything without any damage and in a timely way.

Tips To Choose A Reliable Paving Contractor For Your Driveway

Whether you are looking for a contractor for small paving jobs such as residential driveways, parking lots or condo units, you need to hire a reputable, competent contractor. You need to find an experienced, technical and qualified paving contractor when paving your driveway, resurfacing your asphalt paving or adding a pathway.

These projects will add value to your property only if they are completed in the right manner and built to last. Choosing the best contractor is important and following these top tips will help. These tips may be helpful toward selecting a reliable paving contractor and obtaining the best possible work.

  • Select a contractor who will provide you high-quality work and that has a recognized reputation in the community. As a customer, you should demand the following requirements in order to know that your choice is right:
  1. Insurance Certificate
  2. Previous work pictures
  3. Phone book listings
  4. Warranty/Guarantee
  5. Testimonials
  • You should consider your personal contacts to check the reviews. It is always a good idea to use reviews from the community. Using information from neighbors, friends, and family can give an easy approach to your search for a decent contractor.
  • The general reputation will help to narrow down your choice, but it is also important to have information about the experience of the contractor before making the final decision. You can start from the sales staff and enquire about how many years they have been in the industry and how they will handle the whole process.
  • You can also choose to visit other paving sites that will be the work of the particular paving contractor. Check for whether the pavement surface looks uniform, smooth, and not have puddles.

Remember to choose driveway paving contractors who will work according to the work specifications. It is recommended to ensure that you get what you pay for and all work should be inspected and monitored as it is being performed.

Asphalt-The Sturdy And Versatile Construction Material

Asphalt is one of the most popular and economical building material used in the paving business today. It not only helps the owners to get quality material at affordable prices but also allows speedy construction.

A good asphalt paving company takes care of all the client’s needs while ensuring quality. There are multiple advantages of using asphalt for paving purposes some of the major advantages are :

Economical Reasons

Asphalt is easy to install and quick to prepare. It is readily available in multiple locations and thus turns out to be an economical solution for contractors, owners and governments alike. Since, asphalt settles and dries quickly it is a preferred building material for government projects as the roads won’t be held up for long.

Durability Factor

Since asphalt is a versatile material it can be used in various conditions like high or low traffic conditions and deliver outstanding performance whilst withstanding different weather conditions. It has the ability to endure harshest of weather and sustain the weight of semi- trailers. Asphalt is durable and can be designed for a variety of purposes.

Safety Concerns

Since asphalt gives a smoothy finish to the paved surface it provides better safety as compared to other construction material. The drivers have more skid resistance, mitigated splash back and a clear line of sight between varying road markings. It also keeps the road free of snow and ice during harsh winters.


Asphalt is versatile, durable and to top it off it is also recyclable and can be used time and again without an end to its life cycle. Roads made out of asphalt can be dug up and still be used again. No doubt asphalt is becoming a popular phenomenon in the world of modern day construction. It also helps us to preserve the natural resources as the same resource is being utilized again.

Therefore, asphalt reduces the waste content of the material being used. It doesn’t run into water stream and it turns into solid mass quickly. It is also easy to maintain and repair. The degradation process of the roads is significantly delayed by using asphalt as easy maintenance procedures like resealing of cracks are taken care of easily and even if it degrades drastically it can always be re-laid.

Prominent Advantages Of Asphalt Driveways


The driveway outside your home makes the first impression on visitors and gives them an idea about your lifestyle. A well built driveway appeals to the onlookers and gives an inviting message to the visitors. Investing in an attractive driveway is a great way to add value to your home in New Jersey.

If you are looking forward to build a new driveway, then do so with asphalt as the building material. With keen attention on the construction and design, you can get a beautiful surface that can last for years and turn out to be an excellent return on your investment. An experienced driveway paving company in NJ area can complete this project for you.

But, why you should use asphalt paving for your driveway? There are more benefits of using asphalt as compared to other materials, which are not so economical options. Let us have a look at various advantages of asphalt pavement.

  • It is strong and durable as asphalt delivers better strength and durability.
  • It results in a smooth, continuous surface for your house.
  • Asphalt surfaces can endure extreme weather conditions, thawing and heavy traffic too.
  • This material is not as rigid as concrete. It means that the driveways made with this material are designed in such a manner that they become more durable.

Asphalt is readily available for construction in usual residential areas. Even if there are pipes under the driveway, the repairs can be performed easily and swiftly as compared to the rigid material like concrete. On top of that, asphalt is the most economical option. Millions of homeowners across the globe have opted for asphalt pavements which have lasted for many years with very little maintenance charges.

Asphalt Paving – Installation 101

Asphalt Paving

Driveways made of asphalt can last over a decade as it is a low-maintenance, resilient and durable material. The overall process of asphalt paving is not very complicated, but it does require heavy equipment for installation, which homeowners do not possess.

Although you cannot install asphalt yourself, you can certainly understand the process to keep an eye on your hired contractors to ensure that they complete the project properly. Steps involved in this process are:

  • Hire a contractor

You should do some research, ask around and gather people’s reviews before finalising your contractor. It is good to discuss your paving project with more than one contractors before hiring one. Check the details of contract and make sure it has everything penned down.

  • Removal of the existing driveway surface

Break the existing concrete and remove the pieces. You might also have to collect the loose gravel.

  • Grading the driveway slope

To attain proper drainage and mitigate the risk of a collapsing heaved driveway, make sure that the surface is well graded, so that it allows the water to drift to the sides. Check the top of your driveway by running some water with a hose.

  • Make base soil compact

Twin drum roller weighing 3,0000 pounds is a state of the art machinery for making the soil as well as other surfaces compact.

  • Covering the base soil with crushed rocks

Using the right crushed rock is important to ensure proper drainage. The rock composition should be jagged and coarse. For clay-based soil, use 8 inches of crushed rock and for sandy soil, use just 4 inches of crushed rock.

  • Packing

Make sure to pack the crushed rock well into the subsoil.

  • Settlement Time

Give the base a week’s time to settle down. A number contractors tend to skip this step when they have a time limit to complete the project. But, a settled base tends to be stronger in the long run.

  • Choosing asphalt of right thickness and size

The aggregate size used in asphalt pavements ranges between 1.27 cm to 1.9 cm. Residential driveways have a smaller aggregate to gain a smooth appearance. Larger aggregate means stronger pavement.

  • Compacting the asphalt surface

Once done with the process, compact the asphalt surface with a heavy roller.

  • Edges

It is very important to properly treat the edges of your driveway. The edges should be formed at a 45 degree angle.

After you finish the construction use a sealant during the first nine months of installation. In case your driveway is flat, it is a good idea to build a slight hill in center to let the water drift to the sides. For heavy trucks, always use larger aggregate at the bottom and smaller aggregate to top it off.