Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Tips To Increase Its Life

Asphalt driveways are very popular for residential properties as they can last for years even in harsh weather conditions. Their smooth surface and durability is the reason why their popularity keeps increasing. However, you can increase your driveway’s life even more if you maintain it properly.

Here are some maintenance tips that you can follow for this purpose –

Keep it clean – It is advised to keep your driveway clean of dirt and debris. They might pull the oils out of the blacktop as well as cause damage to the surface. Aspects like spilled oil and anti-freeze may soften and break up the asphalt.

Drive carefully – It is vital that you steer your car carefully on the driveway. Avoid steering car too fast or parking it near the edges as they lack the support. If possible, keep the heavy vehicles off of the surface to avoid damage.

Distribute the weight equally – When using any other equipment (jack stands or car ramps) on the smooth surface, you should distribute the weight equally. With this, you can avoid the damage to driveway caused by sudden weight on a certain area.

Get repairs done on time – Even if the driveway gets damaged over time or due to harsh weather conditions, it is advised to get repairs done on time. Potholes and cracks may cause more damage to the surface if not repaired on time. You should opt for professional repair in order to increase asphalt’s life.

You can also ask your asphalt driveway contractors for maintenance tips. They can provide you good advice with their experience and knowledge. They may even provide you certain tips according to your climate conditions and property.

You should know that lack of maintenance is one of the big reasons behind the damage in asphalt. So, maintain your driveway properly to increase its life and to save your money on repairs or repaving.


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